Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Let Everything Be Gone With The Wind

Today, the snowy day, my hands are cold, my heart feels cold. Temperature can be below 0 °C and the day is very short, most of the time in the dark.

As Kenny Bee (B哥哥) said, hope all the unhappiness is gone with the wind, just like his song. Wish everything will be happy and smooth afterwards to everyone.

鍾鎮濤 - 讓一切隨風 (Let everything be gone with the wind)

Wind wind wind, cold wind in my heart, blows away my dreams
The matter hasn't passed, is already lost, in this moment the heart is painful
In my heart, everything is empty, night or day is like a dream
Confusion, fills my heart, pursuit of a cold wind

All kinds of emptiness, cold cold cold, blowing dreams in the wind
In the past, my heart was hot as fire, today it is already frozen
In memory, suddenly is a pain, as emptiness is mocking
You are like north wind, blowing away my dreams, just let everything be gone with the wind

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