Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Have I Taught You Before?

My department had a nice welcome back party on last Thursday! Its purpose was to give people in our department an opportunity to meet each other, especially those that are new! By encouraging them to meet new friends, each person had to write down the name of another person on the drink ticket. One of our rare guests, Emina who has been an instructor at UBC for a long time, was so excited to meet a graduate student named Mina. It was quite a coincident that their names (Mina-Emina) are so similar… Another excitement for her in the party was … to know me better! Haha!

I’ve been working at UBC for more than 8 years but never had a chance to spend time chatting with Emina since she seldom visits our office (that’s why I called her rare guest). In the party, she suddenly asked me “Were you an undergrad student at UBC?”
“Yes” I replied.
“Were you in Commerce?”
“No, I was in Agricultural Sciences.”
Then she told me that she was teaching courses in both Commerce and Agricultural Economics so it’s very possible that I was her student. Bingo! It reminded me that I was her student around 1996-1998 while she was teaching Math Economics and Matrix, etc.

What a coincidence! She is the second instructor saying that she had taught me before. The other instructor was called Dr. McArthur which I had mentioned in my blog more than 4 years ago J

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