Friday, December 20, 2013

Trip to BC Interior – 2013 (Part 7)

Now we were going to the last destination of the trip. Do you remember which park we would be going? It was Alice Lake Park.

Joseph asked the driver to stop and drop us off in the middle of the highway so that we could enjoy the scenic spot. Quite a few cars stopped by for the view also.

Finally we arrived at Alice Lake Park. It was a hot summer plus long weekend that many families came here to swim. I felt it was more like a beach than a park. Anyways behind me was Alice Lake.

In a hot summer day could still see mountain capped with glacier across the lake

Joseph brought up a vey good question: While so many come here to swim, how many will follow its trail to visit its dense forest?

What was so special about this forest? When one tree fell down automatically, another tree would grow on top of the dead tree. See the roots of alive tree are grabbing the body of laying tree. I think this was for nutrition purposes.

Oops … our group kept going while one of the tour members, a senior woman 婆婆, was still there to take pictures. I’d better wait for her so that she would not get lost (actually her son was waiting for her also but I didn’t know that). 婆婆 appreciated my kindness and asked my Chinese name, then she told me I need to practice Mandarin more since I couldn’t pronounce my name correctly. I felt a bit embarrassed.

When it was time for group picture, 婆婆 was concerned that I was blocked by the others so she grabbed my hand and pulled me forward. But picture was taken while she was pulling me so she said unhappily “NO, we were not ready yet!”

If my memory is correct, the leaves (in red circle) have a spicy taste which bears love to eat. So if a leaf is partially bitten, that means a bear has been to this area.

After we walked through the forest, we were on the other side of Alice Lake. Just like across, there were lots of people swimming there.

On the way back to Vancouver, we had a nice ocean and mountain view again. The ocean is called Howe Sound 豪灣 and I think the mountains are in Sunshine Coast 陽光海岸.

I hope everyone will cherish the nature. I hope someone will cherish my love.

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