Saturday, August 31, 2013

South East Asia Cruise in December 2012 (Part 5)

On December 7, we returned to Singapore in the morning and departed from the cruise around 8 am. We spent about 4 hours in Singapore before we took our flight back to Hong Kong.

We met our taxi driver on December 3 who drove us from the airport to Marina Bay Cruise Centre. He offered to drive us around for sightseeing on December 7 before we went to the airport. He was friendly and talkative with Singapore-style Cantonese, telling us which part of Singapore was from reclamation, Marina Bay would look much better when all the constructions are done in 2015, and how people competed in building high rises. He also told us a bit about how Singapore was affected in WWII, originally Singapore was safe and undiscovered until Malaysia informed Japan the location of Singapore which was the cause of massacre. Even babies were killed by putting poison to their mouths.

As recommended by the taxi driver, we first visited a very new park called Gardens by the Bay (濱海灣花園). It was constructed on the reclaimed land. I found this garden very spacious and modern-designed.

I really like the photo on the left since somehow I feel it looks like the aboriginal design in North America!

I think this is Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay where special plants and waterfall can be viewed. Since admission wasn’t free and due to time constraint, I only took some photos from outside.

On the way to next destination, I saw this elegant hotel which was built in 1887.

Since merlion is the icon of Singapore, I was very excited to see the real merlion statues 魚尾獅 in Merlion Park 魚尾獅公園!

left photo – baby merlion, right photo – mother merlion

What a nice weather, but very hot though! Let’s make a pose beside the big alphabets (擺番個靚pose先) J

We would like to try the famous Hainanese chicken (海南雞飯) in Singpore so our driver dropped us off at Boon Tong Kee (文東記), one of the famous restaurants for Hainanese chicken with reasonable price. The dish tasted quite good except that they didn’t give us the boneless chicken as requested since we were foreign visitor. Overall, food was good J but service was bad L

After lunch we headed to the airport. I saw many interesting architectures on the way and this was one of them –historical style with doors on second floor facing the street. If I’m not mistaken, the doors were for the purpose of delivering furniture in the old days since I have seen a building with this kind of structure in Vancouver Chinatown.

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