Tuesday, August 13, 2013

South East Asia Cruise in December 2012 (Part 1)

On December 3-7, 2012 I took a cruise with 5 days itinerary to travel around Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. It was my first time taking cruise, what a new and exciting experience! The cruise was called Royal Caribbean Legend of the Seas (皇家加勒比海郵輪 - 海洋神話號) which has 70,000 gross tonnages with capacity of 2076 passengers and 720 crew members. It started voyaging in May 1995 and has been based in Asia since December 2008. After 4 years of voyage in Asia, it returned to Europe in April 2013.

Here are photos of some facilities, activities and stateroom in the cruise.

Outdoor swimming pool

Indoor swimming pool

Fruit Carving Demonstration

Towel Folding Demonstration

Our economic stateroom on deck 6 – no ocean view, no balcony … who cares as long as we could sleep well at night. Actually there were 3 of us in this room, do you know where to get the extra bed?

Every night around dinner time, our room service attendant called Richard (a little guy always with friendly smile & always being very attentive and helpful) would unfold the extra bed on left and get out the ladder for me since I was the one sleeping on top.

Towel folding into different animals was done by room service team for our stateroom every night. They even put our sunglasses on the animals J

Actually there were lots of facilities and activities on the cruise. To name a few: bars, casino, entertainment theatre, fitness centre, jogging track, library, and miniature golf course. The activities included but not limited to dance classes, jewellery making workshop, health-related seminars, karaoke, movie watching, rock climbing, piano performance and spa, etc. Some of the activities were not free thou.

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