Monday, August 19, 2013

South East Asia Cruise in December 2012 (Part 3)

On December 4, our cruise docked in Port Klang (Kuala Lumpur 吉隆坡), the capital of Malaysia. There were 6 shore excursions to choose from with price range CAD 35.00 – 90.00 per person. Luckily CAD currency was stronger than USD currency at that time so everything was a bit cheaper. Since our group had 3 seniors, we just picked to visit Mid Valley Megamall which didn’t require lots of exercise or walking J

According to Royal Caribbean website, the Mid Valley Megamall is one of Asia's largest retail, food and entertainment centers . Covering more than 1.7 million sq.ft of lettable space spread over five floors. Our tour guide said it is a middle to high-end shopping centre and we were allowed to spend almost 4 hours there.

Just outside Mid Valley Megamall we saw this little restaurant. We always use “café” in Canada while “kafe” is more commonly used in Malaysia, I think.

I was impressed by the Christmas decorations once I entered into the mall. Its decorations were just as attractive and gorgeous as those in Hong Kong! And the mall itself was quite big and spacious too!

Like a typical shopping centre, this mall has all kinds of stores including cosmetic, jewelleries, fashion, medical and dental care, pharmacy, computer, cell phones, bakery, food court, fast food, restaurants, department stores and banking services. It has both local and international shops such as Crabtree & Evelyn, Esprit, G2000, Giordano, Guess, Hush Puppies, LeSportsac, MUJI 無印良品, Levi’s, Rockport, Swarovski, The Body Shop …

Everything was so amazing as described above until I visited its restroom. … 50% seated toilets (good!), 50% squat toilets 蹲廁 (still acceptable) … what I couldn’t accept was the low standard of cleanliness and people just rushed to the vacant toilet without a proper line-up L

Time for lunch! So many options here … what to pick? MacDonald, Burger King, Pizza Hut … they even had Nando’s … no no no, too common! Chinese restaurant? How about halal (Muslim)/pork free restaurant for Malaysian or Indonesian cuisine? Finally my mom made the decision since she has gout, let’s all go to Sushi King!

My friend told me US dollars are widely accepted in South East Asia but Sushi King didn’t take US money. That’s okay since currency exchange store could be found in the mall. I had a lunch combo of sashimi and tempura which was quite good! I still remember the waiter with funny smile could speak fluent Malaysian-style Cantonese 馬來亞式廣東話 J

I wanted to find some dessert after lunch. I never had durian pancake before and I saw a customer buying 4 pieces from Durian-Durian kiosk. So I bought one to try … looks like I enjoyed it in the photo, right? Actually I didn’t like it at all … tasted awful to me L

4 hours passed fast, time to return to the cruise. Here are the photos taken on the way back to Port Klang. What’s special about its views? Maybe the tropical trees and some Muslim architectures.

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