Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hong Kong Vacation - November/December 2012 (Part 3)

On November 30, I had vegetarian lunch again with another good friend who I met in a taxation course in Richmond more than 10 years ago. He is residing in Hong Kong now so he guided me to a nice vegetarian restaurant called Gaia Veggie Shop (大自然素食) in Causeway Bay for lunch. This restaurant offered more variety of vegetarian dishes than I thought.

Wow, the menu is very attractive … makes me hungry by looking at it now >-<
I seldom have such fancy vegetarian meal like this!

Can you imagine? They even have different kinds of sushi or sashimi. All made with veggie ingredients.

My most favourite dish here was snake soup with chrysanthemum and dried mandarin peel (陳皮白菊五蛇羹). It had a light flavour with the aroma of white chrysanthemum.

The other one we ordered was Peking duck (北京片皮鴨). It tasted quite different from the real Peking duck dish, but still acceptable.

The side dish we ordered was lamb skewers with satay sauce (沙爹羊肉串), also tasted very good! There were two different customers ordered nigiri sushi combo which the food presentation looked very attractive, but I was already too full to try.

Originally my friend would like to bring me to Nan Lian Garden (南蓮園池) in Diamond Hill after lunch, what a great idea since I really love to re-visit the garden again with more photos taken! However it was a pouring day so our trip to Nan Lian Garden had to be cancelled. Instead my friend took me to a nearby shopping centre which was just opened in August 2012 – Hysan Place at Lee Gardens (希慎廣場). This stylish mall has many high-end and luxury stores for fashion, jewelleries and skincare products, but my favourite visits there were Eslite Bookstore (誠品書店), a very large bookstore chain owned by Taiwanese and “Kitchen 11” food court to enjoy the yummy dessert from Honeymoon Dessert (滿記甜品). The Canadian (British Columbian) owned restaurant Triple O's by White Spot can be found in this food court too!

As I’m talking about meals today, I would like to take the chance to encourage my dear readers to consider having ethical and environmental friendly diet. For example: more veggie less meat (多菜少肉), no roasted baby pig dish at Chinese banquets (不吃乳豬) and more organic food if budget allows (有機食品). Above is a list of logos of different countries in eco labelling programs that I found in Hong Kong airport which can be a reference guide when someone is looking for environmentally responsible products J

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