Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Earthquake in BC Canada last night

Wow! There was an EARTHQUAKE last night! According to the news this morning, it was 4.3 magnitude (Canada) and 4.8 magnitude (US). I didn't know it was an earthquake, otherwise I would have been more well-prepared. Luckily no damages, no tsunami and nobody gets hurt J
At around 11:39 pm last night, I was watching YouTube on laptop in my bedroom. Suddenly I heard strange noise from the ceiling and then it started to shake slightly. "What are the neighbours above doing???" I thought. Then I started to think "But the neighbours above us are old couple. Although they are big but their motions are super slow due to their age." ... "Do they have a guest staying overnight??? Just above my bedroom?" ... "Is the guest pushing HEAVY STUFF around to destroy the room?!" OH NO!!!"


The noise from the ceiling did not stop and it kept shaking. "What should I do, it's scary ~~~". I looked at my YouTube then back to the ceiling, YouTube again then back to the ceiling, YouTube again then back to the ceiling. My mind was already saying "STOP, be quiet".
All of a sudden, I felt the ceiling was moving forward to the window side and finally reached to the point that the corner JUMPED forward.  I was SHOCKED!
天花板一跳, 嚇得我個心都一跳!

What was that? I had never experienced it before. I went to my brother's bedroom right away and checked with him. "Was there a shake?" ... He said yes. Then go to my mom's bedroom, but she fell asleep already. I hope the structure of our building is safe ...
死啦,會唔會又嚟架? 都係上床.
"Will it happen again" ... " I don't know " ... "turn off laptop, turn off light, sleep". That was my solution. Next morning from the news, I knew it was an earthquake. What a relief! Not from my neighbours or building damage.

Fortunately it lasted less than a minute and the shake was not too strong. I practiced this before at work but didn't do it properly last night. I should review it ...


But I hope I never have to do this ... hehe J


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