Monday, December 21, 2015

Overnight in Harrison Hot Spring

You may expect me to write about my recent trip to Hong Kong and Okinawa. Well, let's do my Harrison Hot Spring trip first since it was also my special travel for this year. I had been to Harrison Hot Spring twice but never stayed overnight until this year. You may wonder why? Because I won a prize from the Korean festival for a one night stay in Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa ... haha!

Luckily I found my colleague to accompany me J We went there on March 16 and came back on March 17. During this trip, there were few things that I experienced for the first time.  First time to take the Greyhound Bus from Pacific Central Station in Vancouver.

Fee was $24.15 per person for a roundtrip from Vancouver to Chilliwack, not bad.  The bus departed at 12:30 pm and arrived Chilliwack at 1:55 pm.  Then it was my first time to take Chilliwack local buses. Although Chilliwack is not very far away from Vancouver, its transit system is different so it wouldn't accept Translink monthly pass or faresavers. Since we had to take two buses to get to Harrison Hot Spring (Route 1 Vedder & Route 11 Agassiz-Harrison), we paid in cash and got a transfer ticket which I didn't take a picture but it really looked like the classic BC transit bus ticket as below.

By the time we arrived Harrison Hot Spring, it was already close to 4:30 pm. Let's take a look at the beautiful scenery of its lake ...

First time to stay overnight in a Harrison Hot Spring hotel. We had a corner unit, nice guestroom!

View from our guestroom. Wow ... March was still cold but quite a few people were swimming in the outdoor pool!!!


Me in the spa robe provided by the hotel. We tried its hot spring next day early morning. Needed to walk through a chilly outdoor hallway to get into the indoor hot spring ...

We left at 10:25 am as the next available bus would come at 1:25 pm. The bus stop located just right beside the hotel, very convenient! Goodbye Harrison Hot Spring Resorts and Spa ... nice free stay J


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