Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year Present


Happy New Year! I brought a handmade souvenir to Hong Kong. Now I changed this to New Year Present for 2016 ... HaHa!

What is it? It is a secret trick to be happy 快樂幸福秘笈 J

I wrote this trick in Chinese by hand, now I translated it into English...
Everybody wants to have a happy life! The topic of my secret trick is "life change starts from the heart"

It means the important factor to change one's fate is from the change of one's mind. That is why there is a Chinese saying 相由心生 (one's appearance is reflected by the heart)


Life will gradually become better when one keeps thinking in a good way.

This trick is not for instant result. But it is simple and easy to practice. Then good returns will slowly come.

1st Level of the Trick: Don't blame too much, be more appreciative (少怨恨, 多感恩)

When you start to blame everything every day, please think deeply ... are you the top 10% luckiest person in this world? Don't believe? Let's pay attention to the statistics.

  • If you have enough to eat, to wear and a shelter to live, you are wealthier than 75% of world population
  • If you have savings, cash in your wallet. WOW! You are already among the wealthiest 8% in the world
  • If you are not ill and you don't have disaster, you are better than 1 million people who cannot survive through this week.
  • If you have never experienced war and never in prison, you are better than  500 million people

Also can you imagine?

70% of world population live in THIRD WORLD
50% of world population have less than $3.50 CAD to spend each day
1 in 3 people have no toilet to use in the world

A shocked news is 10% of world population is child marriage, with most of them are Forced Child Marriage!!!

That's why we can practice appreciation more often ... show appreciation for our meals, our clothes, our house and don't forget to show appreciation for the TOILET ... HaHa!


2nd Level of the Trick: Be less cruel and more kind (少殘忍, 多愛心)

Most people think they are not cruel at all, and they are full of love and compassion!!!

They would think ... "I never hurt people, never kill people, treat everybody kindly, always donate $ and give seats to elderly , super care my family and friend.  Absolutely level 0 in cruelty, level 200 in kindness!"

Undoubtedly you are very good ... to humans. If you can treat all animals the same way, then you are truly full of love in your heart. ❤❤❤


Not only pet such as kitten and puppy, but all animals have feelings, have nerves, have consciousness, can feel pain, can feel scared ...
All animals include those who can fly in sky, walk on the ground and swim in the sea.
Remember people always say : when someone passes away, don't burn the body or donate the organs immediately since this person still has consciousness within 8 hours. In fact, other animals are the same! When they are cut right after being killed, they would feel extremely PAINFUL!!!
OK, now you know then you can treat animals in a good way J
  • Eat less meat, especially the fresh meat from slaughter of a live animal.
  • Buy less animal skin products.  Don't try to look cool by wearing animal skin fashions including jackets, pants, boots and handbag that are made of animal skins. Think of many animals are killed and have blood removed while they are not completely dead and are conscious. This is a BIG SUFFER!
  • Don't try to look noble by wearing animal fur. It is a very BLOODY  product  as animals are being killed or their furs are removed while they are still alive .
  • Buy less silk product: the process of making silk is to use boiling water to kill huge number of silkworms
  • Buy less products which are tested on animals: You and me would feel painful when chemical gets into eyes, rabbits feel the same pain too! In fact many big brands and high end skin care or cosmetic products do tests on animals, this can be searched on web with the words "peta cruelty free"
  • Be careful with fragrance purchase. Not because of  real or fake perfume, but many high end fragrances contain MUSK. Musk can be from the killing of male musk deer or civet.
  • Many Chinese banquets have stopped serving shark fins which is nice. But they are still serving roasted baby pigs per table, serving lobsters. Do they know the roasted baby pig 乳豬 is a piglet fed on its mother's milk and is slaughtered between the ages of 2 and 6 weeks ... very pity L Lobsters suffer greatly when their urethras are destroyed before they are killed, too brutal LLL

That's why not only we need to love cartoon animals Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, not only we need to love our pets Hello Kitty and Snoopy, we can add more compassion to love other animals J

3rd Level of the Trick: Treasure more, reduce waste (多珍惜, 少浪費)

This one is very easy, just always keep in mind that "We don't need too much, but we want too much". Because when most people find items on BIG SALE, their minds keep thinking "Buy more, buy as many as possible, I got to buy  all stuffs with the best deal!!!" How many will they actually use?
It is a waste to buy the stuff but never use it, not environmental friendly too! To have a good use of every single product that you purchase and to treat the product like a treasure. This is a very good practice J

Do not think that buying all the products is to benefit the makers or labours, except the product is FAIR TRADE. The process of manufacturing products pollute the environment. Example: the spray of pesticide on cotton (except organic cotton).

That's why we can spend less $$$ on buying stuff, then use the $$$ to improve our fates.

Fate Investment Project  ★★★★

Want to have a better life, better fate? Then do more things with good deed !
The most convenient way is to donate $$$ to the trustworthy charities.
Just to name a few of them is easy ...
World Vision
Plan Canada
Salvation Army
Medecins Sans Frontieres/ Doctors Without Borders (MSF)

The return is you will have a happy heart  since helping others is the root of happiness 助人為快樂之本 ... haha!

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