Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Japan Trip - Day 3 (November 2012)

In the morning of November 23, we took the local train to Hida Furukawa 飛驒古川. The view along the rail was quite similar to the roadside view of BC Interior, Canada 加拿大卑斯省內陸 with infinite green fields surrounded by distant mountains behind the floating clouds.

It was a cabbage and persimmon season, some local residents put their cabbages outside the houses along canal Setogawa 瀬戸川or hung their persimmons outdoor to dry.

I never expected to see a Chinese restaurant in such a small, quiet town. Is it owned by Chinese???

Revisited this tiny dairy shop 牧成舎 at the corner where it specialises in Hida milk products 飛驒乳製品. It has only 3-4 tables inside as 80% are take-out orders. They do deliver milk to its neighbourhood.

I read that the carp 鯉魚 are removed from Setogawa during winter season starting in November. So were there still any carp?

Wow! Still lots of them!!! Just like the last time I visited there in spring … way more than number of people we saw in Furukawa. Except that this time no feeding to carp was allowed. Somehow I felt the water in Setogawa was more clear compared to the last visit.

Back to Takayama by train around noon. Last time I stayed in Old Private Houses 古い町並 district for only a short while, so this time I spent almost 3 hours walking around Old Privates Houses and shopping at the souvenir stores.

We found a nice coffee shop at the corner of a street. Let’s go in for an afternoon tea!

Last time I couldn’t take a perfect photo of the riverside scenery from Nakabashi Bridge. Finally I could do it this time J

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