Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tulips of the Valley: Agassiz Tulip Festival

April 25 was Easter Monday and I spent the day with my friend to Agassiz Tulip Festival! We joined a one day tour to see the tulips. Itinerary of this trip was similar to the salmon run tour on October 22 last year. We visited Inch Creek Hatchery, had lunch at Harrison Hot Springs, then visited Tulips of the Valley at Agassiz, Chilliwack Honey Farm, Birchwood Dairy Farm Market at Abbotsford and the last destination was Green Leaf Farm Ltd at Surrey. Unlike last time, there were tons of people (around 40) when we arrived the pickup location – Lansdowne Shopping Centre at 7 am. At first we saw one tour bus with 24 seats so most of us was wondering how we could all fit on the bus??? Everybody lined up to board on the bus and some got rejected by the driver … why? Oh! It was for Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in USA. Actually there were two different tulip tours in April – one in Washington and one in BC … a bit confused! Later on the second bus came, that’s the one we should get on. The bus was full after the last pickup location in Surrey. One interesting thing was that two Caucasians, a middle-aged couple, joined the tour. The trip was arranged by a Chinese travel agency, anyways the driver could speak English even though not completely fluent.

On the way to Harrison Hot Springs, I took the following pictures. I was attracted by the nature, especially the floating clouds on top of the mountains.

I saw rainbow at Harrison Hot Springs last October. This time no rainbow, instead mountain with ice … another spectacular view!

Getting closer to the ice mountain was like getting closer to the heaven!

Arrived the main attraction – Tulips of the Valley (this year was colder than usual thus not all tulips were in bloom on time)

Pictures taken on the way to Chilliwack Honey Farm

Chilliwack Honey Farm – this time we saw the hive!

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