Friday, August 19, 2011

Cherry Blossom in Vancouver

Spring season in Vancouver is beautiful, especially in April when the cherry trees are in bloom. There are over 37,000 cherry blossom trees planted in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Due to the cold weather, cherry blossom was late this year. Still the city was as lovely as a fairyland when we saw the cherry blossom trees everywhere!

Burrard Station, Vancouver Downtown – April 2, 2011

Denman St and Georgia St, Vancouver Downtown – April 2, 2011

Richmond Minoru Park (where I also found two little squirrels) – April 6, 2011

UBC Asian Centre – April 8, 2011

Outside Forest Sciences Centre at UBC – April 8, 2011

Lower Mall at UBC – April 8, 2011

Marine Crescent and W 50th Ave, Vancouver – April 9, 2011 (where Cherry Blossom Bed and Breakfast is located)
Unlike the above photos, these were taken in a residential area on the quiet streets. It would be a sweet dream to live in a neighbourhood surrounded by cherry blossom trees!

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