Friday, November 26, 2010

Snow comes early in Vancouver this year!!!

Last Saturday (Nov 20), I was still in bed at 7:00 in the morning. Suddenly I heard my mom yelling "Snow! Snow!". Then I looked out from the window. HOLY! The whole backyard was covered by snow! It must be snowing the whole night, fortunately it stopped in the morning since I got to drive in two hours. My mom and brother spent an hour to shovel the driveway. Driving wasn't too bad since the weather wasn't cold enough to turn the snow into black ice yet.

Then yesterday morning (Nov 25), snow came back again! Already two times in November, wasn't it too early? During Winter Olympic we begged for more snow on Cypress Mountain, and now when we don't need it the whole mountain was covered by snow!

I believe it was my second time to drive in snow. Feeling was ... nervous for sure, then a bit scary but also little fun and excitment. Yeah! I managed to drive in the snow except my car was once slightly sliding with a right turn (like a big curve). Wow! Still safe though! The lowest temperature was this Tuesday night (Nov 23) with -10°C. The coldest in 25 years
~~~""FREEZING''''~~~ No wonder many roads were either frosty or icy. Even daytime it was between -3°C and -6°C. When I placed a cup of hot water close to my office window, it turned to cold water in less than an hour, like just taken out from the fridge!

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