Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year Wish for Baby Pigs

Happy New Year! Not only to humans but also to piglets! Recently the international animal rights have been very active in shark fin ban and the result is becoming successful. Shark fins will no longer be sold or used in food in California starting in 2013 … Hong Kong top hotel, Peninsula, will stop serving shark fin soup in 2012... No doubt I agree the prohibition to protect the sharks since their fins have been used extensively for soups at Chinese weddings and banquets. But besides the shark fin soups, there is another popular dish at Chinese weddings or banquets that contains cruelty, at least in my opinion. It is 乳豬 or roasted suckling pig! As its name means – suckling pig is a piglet fed on its mother's milk and is slaughtered between the ages of two and six weeks (燒乳豬是將二至六個星期大,仍未斷奶的乳豬宰殺).

How brutal and inhuman to kill the lovely baby piglets to satisfy humans stomachs!!! Why didn’t the world try to ban the practice of roasted or cooked suckling pigs? Because the use of suckling pigs for dishes is also happened in Western culture especially the Spanish-speaking countries such as Spain, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic. It is also a recipe in Southern United States and Germany. I know it’s not easy to convince everyone not to eat suckling pigs but at least I wish people would think twice and have mercy on the cute little piglets before they start eating them.

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  1. I agree. it is indeed brutal to kill the lovely baby piglets. People may not even think of this while enjoying the dish. A article like this can remind people being aware of the sad part of the dish.