Thursday, August 6, 2009

where are you my love?

I know you don't want me to write anything about you but now that's the only way to express myself. You've been missing for a few days already and I can't do anything to help finding you ... do you know how painful it is? Even though we haven't been together for a long time but I remember every single part that we spent together. I found time was too short when we were together and it became way too long when we were apart.

If God sends you to me as my partner, please don't take it away. Besides my childhood, last month was the happiest time in my life since you were there with me. You said you are lucky to have me, I feel the same way too even though I didn't say it out. I wish we can be together forever no matter what happens.

How come all the sudden you are missing? Please show up soon. I can't wait anymore. I will be collapsed. I tried to sleep and then wake up next day expecting your message but I can't. My brain cannot be rested until I know where you are and that you are safe.

My love, you are not perfect and outstanding at all, but I truly love you since I am attracted by your innocent smile, your passion for nature and animals, your passion for helping the others. I felt quite happy when you showed your caring of me. Your kind, gentle personality has influenced my impression of your ethnic.

You know today is the most painful day for me as I realized you are vanished. I really really hope that you are just being naughty and will come back next morning. I cried for you two times today already, and I've never cried since I met you until today. Before I was the one to decide where to go, in the future when you are back I will let you decide where we should go. As long as you are back I will listen to you. You are really my everything.

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