Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Trip to Okinawa in 2015 - Day 6

Finally it came to our last day in Okinawa. I recall after we checked out from our apartment, we would be able to get a taxi right away (very lucky 🚕😄) Here comes a question, how could we tell the taxi driver where to go? Probably he understood the English word "airport". But we wanted to stop at the domestic terminal for lunch. So I wrote down 国內線 (similar to Chinese character) and gave it to the driver.

The driver did drop us off at the correct terminal in Naha airport. We went to the food court in the domestic terminal, which I think it's on the 2nd or 3rd floor??? Anyways it doesn't matter now since there was a renovation in early 2019 which I believe the domestic and international terminals are connected together and the floor plan might be different from before ... hehe 😅

As you can see from our photos 4 years ago ( I don't know how it looks like now). The food court was spacious since not many people there and we could pick any table we like. I really loved the food court since it's not crowded and it's very comfy no matter where we seated.

There were some souvenir shops across the food court, good for last minute shopping! I remember my mom bought a local bitter melon 苦瓜 for her brother. It was the most beautiful bitter melon we've ever seen. It was very green and fresh.

The picture of Shureimon gate (守禮門) at the food court reminded me that I forgot to visit Shuri (首里) which was a royal capital of the Ryukyu Kingdom (琉球王國). A number of famous historical sites are there including Shuri Castle and Shureimon gate and they are all designated as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Some of the seats at the foot court has a view of the planes ✈

Time to order lunch! Uh-oh ... couldn't read the menu 😟  Fortunately they had displays, not edible thou. What can you image by looking at the display above? I could picture a happy moustache man. Tomatoes are the eyes, cucumber is the nose and pork cutlet is the moustache ... haha!

More displays to look at ... do you think the picture on the right looks like Chinese doughnut (油炸鬼)?

With mobile phone, I took pictures of the displays and showed them to the person who prepared the food for us. No communication barrier ... hehe. Here's my order ... do you think the display and the real dish look alike? 

We still had some time after lunch so I went to the upper floor with my mom. She saw the display of avocado and vegetable sandwiches and decided to buy one.  Now she knew the trick, take a picture and show to them 😂

Remember the title of my blog is "Inspirational Thoughts"? I was inspired by this simple and healthy sandwich ... should make some for summer picnic ✌

Time to leave Okinawa although I would like to stay for a few more days. When we were waiting to board on the plane at the boarding gate in the international terminal. The flight attendant of Hong Kong airline let us go to the front because of my mom (not my auntie as she looked much younger than her age). Very good service, they respected the senior and we were the first to get on the plane!

Overall it was a relaxing trip and nice experience. We had some fun also. I learned two Japanese words to use in Okinawa - konnichiwa (hello) and arigato (thank you). Then I got mixed up when I talked to the cashier in a convenient store. Before the payment, I wanted to say hi but I said arigato. Then after payment, I wanted to say thank you but I said konnichiwa. Even my brother noticed the words were wrong 😅

Finally I finished writing my Okinawa trip before another new year. Thank you for your patience 🙏💓

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