Saturday, December 9, 2017

Trip to Okinawa in 2015 - Day 2

Second day we didn't go outside the resort. We decided to stay in the hotel and browse around since it is huge! From one end to another end takes at least 10 minutes to walk. I'd better have my mom to be familiar with the hotel since she would stay there by herself on the third day ... hehe!

Let's take a walk along the beach in the fresh morning, there is a chapel next to the hotel. Although it is not the spectacular crystal church, I found it adorable and a good option for couples who love to have a wedding in an ocean view chapel within budget 🙂

Now walk back to the other side ... the view of our hotel in the middle of the resort:

When we kept walking along, there is an open-air Japanese pub where guests can see the performance of Okinawan folk songs every night.

Here's the view of the other end:

When we looked out into the ocean, we saw a lighthouse. It looks not too far hey! According to Google map, the distance is 14.6 km which takes 3 hours to walk from Rizzan to the lighthouse!!!

Rizzan has several restaurants including Seaside Restaurant for Western breakfast buffet, Shichifuku for Japanese and Ryukyu (Okinawan) buffet, Blue Lagoon for Western lunch and dinner buffets, Mandarin Court for Cantonese cuisine (that's where we had dinner buffet on the first night!), Churahama for charcoal-grilled yakiniku at the outdoor seats in front of the beach, Prashanti for homemade sweets and Coral View for wine or cocktail.

Guess which one we went to on November 23, the second day? Because we could have either free breakfast or free lunch buffet, we picked the later one. It was in Blue Lagoon, I recall the choices were good, food was decent and the ocean view made the ambiance very relaxing and enjoyable 😊

Here's the picture of Blue Lagoon lunch buffet from Rizzan website:

After lunch would be a good time for walking to burn calories ... hehe. Even just wandering around inside the hotel was fun! It has convenient store where we purchased our dinner there (less expensive than going to a restaurant plus we got a 10% discount coupon from first night's dinner buffet in Mandarin Court that we could use in the convenient store 😉 ), it has some souvenir shops too. I recall the 10% discount coupon could be applied to both convenient and souvenir stores.

There were chairs that we could sit to watch the ocean through the window glass. Since nobody was there, it was totally quiet and meditated to have a seat facing the endless ocean.

After a while, we went back to our room to have an afternoon nap. Just a very short one but very good sleep 🙂

I also went through their safety guide briefly.

We were looking forward to our sweets buffet in Lounge Prashanti since the mini cakes and desserts looked very attractive and delicious on their website!

Oops ... it was a bit disappointing as we didn't see the ones that matched these fancy pictures. The mini cakes were very limited,most of the desserts were ice cream and chopped fruits. I recalled we could make our own pancakes, which was a bit fun.Their cups were cute, was the buffet more for kids?

Anyway, I enjoyed this place with ocean view more than the sweets. When we checked in, the hotel gave each of us a welcome drink coupon for Coral View. Since we didn't use them for the drinks, we redeemed the coupons at Prashanti as cash value for the buffet.

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