Thursday, March 19, 2009

Have I Seen You Before?

Today I was on my way down to the Dean’s office and I saw Dr. McArthur in the aisle. He is currently a new lecturer for a few classes in our department. This is my third time seeing him this term so I greeted him politely with smile. Suddenly he said “I’ve seen you before in Macmillan. Were you in food science or plant science?” ... My brain read “OH MY GOD! I don’t recall being his student” Then I realized that I studied a food science subject and a plant science correspondence course but it was 11 years ago. He said he’s been teaching plant science around that time. Still why can he recognize me since I didn’t see him a lot while I was a student as it was a self-learning course???

Actually it’s not the first time I’ve encountered this situation. This January I brought my girl friend’s gift to her friend. I thought it was the first time seeing this guy but then he told me “I’ve seen you before during high school”. GOSH! It was 14 years ago and we’ve never been in the same class plus back then my senior high school had more than 500 students in grade 12 with half of them from Hong Kong or Taiwan!!! I never expected people to have impression of me since I was a very ordinary and shy girl, not outstanding at all. Hopefully people remember me not because I looked rare or behaved strangely.

I’d better behave well since it’s hard for me to hide myself as I can be identified easily which I didn’t realize until now…DEMM!

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